Terms of Participation in Organized Trips

General Terms of Participation for Customers in Organized Trips

In accordance with Presidential Decree 339/1996, implementing Directive 90/314/EEC

Please carefully read the following General Terms of Participation, which constitute an integral part of the contract for the organized trip, along with the information, before registering for any of our organized trips.

Participation in any organized trip of our travel agency requires careful study of the program of the specific trip and signifies the unconditional acceptance by the customer of the General Terms of Participation.

According to the definition in Presidential Decree 339/1996, an "organized trip" means the predetermined combination of at least two of the elements of transport, accommodation, or other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation that represent a significant part of the organized trip, provided that such provision exceeds 24 hours or includes an overnight stay and is sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price. An organized trip is also considered when the provision of the individual services of the same organized trip is invoiced separately but within the same period and by the same provider. The sale of a single transport ticket, accommodation, or other tourist service is not considered an organized trip.

Please note that the General Terms of Participation cover general information, rights, and obligations of the two contracting parties in the organized trip, while specific and special information (destinations, prices, departure and return dates and times, means of transportation, accommodations, visits, etc.) concerning each organized trip separately should be consulted in the program of each trip and the relevant price list.


We are the Anonymous Company under the name "CRETAN TRANSPORTATION SERVICES" and the distinctive title "C.TR.S. CRETAN TRANSPORTATION SERVICES," headquartered in Heraklion, at 23 Averof Street, with a special mark number EOT 1039E6161010517Y1 (hereinafter referred to as "C.TR.S."), a member of the Association of Greek Tourist and Travel Agencies (HATTA) with number 181, organizing trips that we sell or make available for sale ourselves or through another travel agency (seller).


Your participation in an organized trip (hereinafter "trip") requires the signing of a contract between C.TR.S. and the "customer," meaning you, which also covers your family or the group you represent and financially cover, a copy of which you will receive obligatorily. These General Terms of Participation constitute an integral part of this contract.


The information and details contained in the General Terms of Participation have been verified by C.TR.S. at the time of drafting this document for their validity and accuracy, have a general nature, and apply unless otherwise stated in the program of each trip and in the signed contract between C.TR.S. and the customer-consumer.

The printed programs are valid for the period indicated in the current price list and in conjunction with it, including any changes, corrections, and information about trips, which bind all customers.

The final arrangement of the trip, services, and price is included in the contract of the organized trip, signed and accepted by both parties (C.TR.S. and the customer).

Please note that any specific wishes, needs, or requirements of the customer regarding the trip in which they participate should be explicitly included in the contract, provided they have been agreed upon and are feasible.

The information and details of the trip programs may change due to frequent and extraordinary changes in global conditions, particularly in transportation and international relations. In this case, you will be promptly notified by the most appropriate means, and for this reason, C.TR.S. should have all your contact information (phone numbers, fax, email) to be able to contact you at any time.


You can register for any of our trips if you are over 18 years old or accompanied by an adult [provided there are available seats and at the current price and other charges]. Registrations can be made by visiting our offices or branches or our partners, by correspondence, fax, telephone, or through the website, provided that in order to secure seats in the specific trip: a) payment of the prescribed deposit or the entire amount, in cash, by credit card charge, or by bank transfer to C.TR.S., and b) unconditional acceptance and compliance with these Terms. The customer's declaration of participation/registration in an organized trip must be made no later than 15 days before the departure date of the trip, unless otherwise specified.

To be valid, any seat reservation must be accompanied by a deposit equal to 35% of the total participation expenses. Telephone or other reservations that are not confirmed by payment of the corresponding deposit do not bind C.TR.S. to reserve seats. Reservations for the services offered by C.TR.S. are made upon issuance of the program and within the specified registration deadline for each trip, which, however, does not obligate C.TR.S. to secure a seat for the interested party if the allocated seats have already been filled, in which case C.TR.S. must inform the customer. The right to participate in the trip is secured by paying the total amount and related charges 10 full working days before departure. In the case of a cruise, the right to participate is secured by paying the total amount and related charges, as many days before as specified by the respective cruise company. Failure to pay the total amount of the trip within the specified time allows C.TR.S. to cancel the reservation and possibly demand cancellation fees, according to the cancellation terms provided herein. In bus excursions, each participant does not occupy a specific seat for all scheduled movements. The duration of the trip includes the departure and arrival days.

A registration is considered valid if the specific trip, with departure and return dates and any other distinctive elements, is indicated on the deposit receipt.

The contracting party, who represents the family or group, is obligated to inform all co-travelers represented by them of the details and Terms of the trip. Participants through a third party have the same obligations as the representative who registered them for the trip, and the travel agency provides them with all relevant information if requested. [Registrations begin immediately after the issuance of the travel forms and the accompanying price list. We recommend that if you are interested in a trip and to ensure your participation, you register in a timely manner].


The prices of travel and cruises, as well as associated charges, are determined based on the current price list of C.TR.S. This includes mandatory charges such as taxes, airport fees, fuel surcharges, gratuities, visas, etc. Prices are calculated on the day the price list is issued, taking into account the costs of each trip, applicable fees, taxes, exchange rates, and other cost factors. C.TR.S. reserves the right to adjust prices if the aforementioned cost factors change.

The price of a travel or cruise trip can change up to 20 days before the departure date due to unforeseen increases in charter fees, currency exchange rates, fuel prices, or any other significant cost factors.

Additional charges typically involve expenses incurred by third parties (airport taxes, port fees, fuel surcharges, currency exchange differences, etc.).

The prices of organized travel and cruises are usually per person and cover only the services specified as "included." Any additional services such as extended stays, flight changes, or other services not included in the tour program require a payment of €20 per change per person as operational processing costs, in addition to any charges resulting from the change or service. This €20 fee applies to each change or extension from the initially requested reservation of cruises, air or sea tickets, hotel accommodation, or additional service.

The price of trips may be reduced to attract additional participants necessary for their realization. However, any discounts or offers on prepaid seats by the travel agency do not entitle other clients to demand similar discounts or to cancel their participation without paying the stipulated cancellation fees. C.TR.S. also reserves the right, for a limited time or for a limited number of seats, to sell seats at lower prices with special cancellation terms.

Organized trips by C.TR.S. typically include expenses such as visa fees for international trips, airport taxes, stay fees, port fees, unless otherwise stated in the trip description or price list. If C.TR.S. accepts a reservation after the participation deadline and the traveler fails to obtain a visa or other required travel documents or health clearances, it is the full responsibility of the traveler, even if C.TR.S. indirectly or directly assisted in obtaining them. This does not exempt the traveler from any cancellation fees if they cannot make the trip. For the prices of each trip and the costs included, refer to the attached price list.

Children's charges (for ages 2-12, and only when accompanied by two adults in the same room/cabin) vary from free accommodation offers without meals at hotels and ships to a small discount. In charter flights, all passengers, including children, pay regular fares. In the case of cruises, children's charges (when accompanied by two adults in the same room/cabin) vary depending on the cruise company, age range eligible for the discount, and the percentage of discount provided based on the child's age. Children aged 2-12 usually receive a 50% to 30% discount on air or sea tickets, depending on the destination, and often a reduced accommodation cost if staying in the same room as their parents. Children under two years old typically pay only 10% of the airfare but do not receive a seat or meal on the plane, luggage transportation, meals on the trip, or a child's bed in hotels. In many cases, C.TR.S. may further reduce the participation costs for children in consultation with their parents. Note that no child or infant discounts are usually provided on specially chartered flights. If you choose to stay in a triple room, be aware that the third person in triple rooms may receive a small or no discount. The exact price differentials, however, are specified in the applicable price list.

6.Obligations - Responsibilities of C.TR.S.

For the organization of its trips, CTRS uses airlines and other transport companies, cruise companies, hotels, local travel agencies, and other entities over which it does not have direct control. CTRS does not own its own airplanes, hotels, or ships, so it cannot be held responsible for their proper functioning. Its role is purely intermediary in providing services to its clients, and its responsibilities are limited to cases of negligence attributable to CTRS and its organizational shortcomings. CTRS does not abuse the limitations inherent in its intermediary role and makes every effort to meet the expectations of its clients. CTRS is obliged to coordinate and execute trips for its clients to the best of its ability. Having exhausted all possibilities for prediction and care, CTRS is not responsible for wrongful actions and omissions of third parties, unrelated service providers, and their collaborators, or for emergencies such as cancellations, delays, or changes in schedules of various transportation modes (planes, ships, buses, trains, etc.) due to area blockages ("embargoes") caused by terrorist actions, strikes, and other causes. Due to the possibility of minor or major delays for technical, meteorological, or other reasons, clients should not plan visits or participate in events, etc., on days of flights or, generally, during their transportation from one destination to another. The scheduled airline companies and departure times in the descriptions of the trips are based on the scheduled/published schedules of all kinds and especially chartered flights/routes in effect at the time of the program's issuance.

It is emphasized that CTRS cannot predict or control circumstances beyond its sphere of influence that may lead to the cancellation of the trip-cruise or to damages due to non-performance or incomplete performance of the agreed trip services. Examples of such cases include strikes, accidents, illnesses, epidemics, organic disturbances due to local conditions, altitude, climate, meals not included in the trip itinerary, or inadequate hygiene conditions due to exogenous factors, injuries or hardships due to war, coups, terrorist acts, hijackings, earthquakes, weather conditions, fires, epidemics, toxic infections, and any other emergency or force majeure situation. In the above cases, CTRS is not liable for the restoration of any damage caused by them. However, it will make every effort to assist and care for the clients in any way possible, without this constituting liability or obligation for CTRS to cover related extraordinary expenses, which should be covered, as in cases of force majeure, by the clients themselves.

Reasonable complaints during the trip must be reported immediately and on-site to the escort (or, in his absence, to our office) and to the provider of the specific service, in writing. The escort writes his observations on the same form regarding the issue. If the problem reported cannot be resolved on-site, upon your return from the trip, you must submit any relevant complaint in writing to CTRS within a deadline of 5 working days, along with any documents or other evidence you have for its justification. After the expiration of the 5-day period, CTRS has no obligation to respond to any claim.

There is a possibility, in terms of cost, for the realization of an organized trip, that a minimum number of participants is required, for which you will be informed by the specific brochure of each trip program. As long as this number is not reached, CTRS reserves the right to cancel the specific trip, and it must inform in writing, and within the deadlines provided in the description of the organized trip, the consumers who had declared their participation in it and propose any alternative travel solutions. If no alternative solution is found, CTRS will refund the amount paid without any further obligation to the client.

Services not mentioned in the descriptions of the programs of the organized trips or mentioned as optional, either are not offered at all by our travel agency or are available for an additional charge beyond the listed prices, provided that their implementation becomes possible. However, these optional services (excursions, evening events, museum entrances, etc.) are not mandatory for any party (organizer/client) and are only provided if a minimum number of participants is reached and the total amount is prepaid. In the case of a cruise, these services may be booked during the cruise within the ship.

CTRS is not responsible for optional services that are not provided by it.


Since organized trips usually involve other individuals, participation in them presupposes appropriate social behavior and understanding towards fellow travelers and the agents involved in their realization. For this reason, it is essential for clients to fully comply with the itinerary of the trip and the instructions of the guides or escorts, and to arrive on time at the meeting points for various services of the program (flights, transfers, guided tours, excursions, meals, etc.). The delay and inconsistency of the client result in the loss of a flight, excursion, transfer, or other service, without the right to a refund for the service that was missed. In this case, the client will have to rejoin the group at their own responsibility and expense. Especially in the case of a cruise, the client's rejoining the group will be at their own responsibility and expense, provided there is prior notification and approval from the cruise company for boarding at a port other than the one scheduled for boarding. The lack of consistency, among other problems it creates, gives the escort the right to ignore the indifferent client, and CTRS to refuse any compensation for services that were not provided to them. CTRS will make every possible effort to assist them in this. Participants in CTRS organized trips are also solely responsible for the timely procurement and preservation of the necessary travel documents (passports, etc.) as well as for the authenticity of their declarations to Greek or foreign currency and customs authorities.

At airports and ports, you should be present at least two (2) hours before your departure. If there is no escort on the trip, you must confirm your next flights on the spot with the airline and confirm from which airport and station (terminal) your flight departs and at what time, as well as from which terminal at the port your boarding takes place in the case of a cruise. Especially in the case of a cruise, the specific time of boarding and disembarking of passengers is always based on the respective program and the requirements of the respective cruise company, about which you will be informed accordingly. During boarding on the cruise ship, you must pass through passport control and then through the boarding process. Personnel of the cruise company will assist you. You must have your passport and ticket available in your carry-on luggage.

Customers from other areas should arrive much earlier - preferably the previous day - at the departure point of the trip-cruise, in order not to be affected by any delays or strikes of local transport. Any loss of the means of transportation of the organized trip due to such a delay results in the loss of the entire trip if it is not possible to rejoin the rest of the group, without the right to a refund. In the opposite case, the expenses for their reconnection with the rest of the group are borne by the customers themselves, and CTRS will make every possible effort to assist them organizationally in this.

Customers are responsible for the actions of the children they accompany and must supervise them constantly throughout the trip for their safety and behavior. Additionally, there are cruise companies that do not accept minors, and our travel advisors will inform you about this during the request. If the client interrupts their trip by their own decision and leaves the group, even due to force majeure, they are not entitled to any further service or compensation, and the responsibility and expenses for any movement outside the group are borne by the client.

Similarly, CTRS is not responsible for services of the organized trip or the cruise that were not provided to the client due to their negligence or responsibility or due to their illness. Before your departure from the hotel or accommodation or the cruise ship, make sure to settle any personal accounts (for telephone calls, drinks, etc.) promptly.

If the client is unable to participate in the organized trip for which they have reserved a place, they may transfer their reservation to another person who meets the requirements for participation in the specific trip, no later than 15 working days before departure, while especially for sea transports, the deadline is 10 working days before departure. Especially in the case of a cruise, they cannot transfer their reservation to another person unless it is approved by the cruise company, which is entitled to charge the client with some expenses if approved. In case of any remaining amount or additional expenses from the transfer (e.g., from the fact that the new client is of the opposite sex), the transferrer and the transferee are jointly liable to our office for their payment.

Especially in the case of regular air carriers and certain cruise companies, it should be noted that changing the passenger's name is not possible, but only the cancellation of the existing reservation and the booking of a new seat. CTRS will make every effort to find a new seat, but will not be held responsible if this is not possible. The resulting mandatory cancellation of the reservation will be done according to the cancellation terms provided herein."


All information concerning the categorization or classification of cruise ships, hotels, and accommodations mentioned in CTRS organized travel programs complies with the applicable legislation of each country regarding the tourist classification of cruise ships, hotels, and accommodations, which may vary from country to country. It should be noted that there is no unified international classification of hotels. The selection of hotels and accommodations is based on their location and the services they offer, combined with the best possible price according to their category, as described in the description of each trip. Most hotel rooms around the world are designed to accommodate two beds. Therefore, triple rooms are actually double rooms with an additional bed. Some hotels also accept a fourth bed to accommodate clients, but it is understood that the space will be significantly limited.

Rooms are usually provided by the hotel between 13:00-15:00 and are available to guests until 10:00 on the day of departure. If you wish to check in earlier or check out later, the hotel will try to accommodate you, and if there are available rooms, you will need to pay the relevant fee. However, CTRS makes every effort to extend the stay limit to accommodate travelers departing on late-night or early-morning flights. This service will be provided if and when the rooms have not been allocated to other hotel guests.

In the case of delayed arrival at the hotel on individual trips, after the day or time of the client's scheduled arrival, and if the client has not informed the hotel and our office, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and make the room available for the entire period of the reservation if requested.

In case of overbooking by the hotel, CTRS will make every possible effort to resolve the issue, in accordance with the regulations in the host country. On cruise ships, each passenger is required to have their own bed, and existing cabins usually have the capacity to accommodate up to 4 people.

Generally, cabins on ships are smaller than hotel rooms and, apart from the levels where they are located (decks), they are distinguished into exterior (with window or porthole) and interior (without external contact). They may also be of the "bunk bed" type, with beds above and below. The categorization of cabins (lux, superior, etc.) is at the discretion of the shipping companies.

We recommend not leaving belongings exposed and constantly supervising bags, cameras, phones, and other personal items in any area of hotels, ships, and other accommodations, as well as during transportation.


The guides you mostly encounter in your destination countries may organize optional excursions in cooperation with local travel agents, depending on the program. CTRS bears no responsibility for these optional excursions. Their prices may vary depending on factors such as the number of participants, holiday periods, surcharges for evening hours, etc. In the case of a cruise, optional excursions can be booked either by the client directly through the excursion company's online booking system, providing their credit card information, or at the cruise ship's excursion desk during the cruise, after embarkation.

Except for specific cases of organized departures where a Greek guide is present, as indicated in the cruise program, in all other cases, optional excursions are usually conducted in English.

CTRS bears no responsibility for these optional excursions, which are organized and sold directly by the cruise company.


In general, for all trips abroad, a new passport issued from October 2006 onwards is required. Schengen countries also accept new IDs containing the holder's information in Latin characters and not cut due to marriage. EUROSTAR recommends having your passport valid for at least some time after your scheduled return date for immediate identification and to avoid problems during your travels.

Note: Some countries require clients' passports to expire at least 3-12 months after their arrival. This specific information for each trip, if applicable, is found in the program or other travel documents, which are an integral part of the program.

In the case of a cruise, during embarkation, the following documents will be requested: Passport or valid ID, depending on the approach ports, the cruise ticket, passport visa (if required by the countries to be visited), and documentary evidence from the health service in case vaccination, medication, etc., is required. Clients without the necessary documents will not be allowed to board the cruise ship, for which the cruise company, as well as EUROSTAR, will not bear any responsibility or obligation for a refund.

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